Youth Leadership Education


Sea Scouts is a co-educational training program that provides young adults with maritime education, training and experiences. The program is youth led and adult mentored; the Ship commands a shared vessel and the crew is trained in various roles as helmsman, navigators, lookout, cook, sail handler, and engineer. In this process they learn important leadership and life skills such as certifications in SCUBA, boating safety, lifesaving, and CPR.

Our programs are experientially designed to be a hands on education, and are both physically and mentally demanding. They are also rewarding; new and experienced Sea Scouts will succeed so long as they are willing to learn and work hard.

Sea Scout Ship 243 has three distintive arenas for their aquatic educational delivery:

Sea Scout Classroom Education is training conducted in a classroom environment. Subject matter includes chart plotting, radio communications, first aid and other skills associated with the goals of Sea Scouts.

Leadership Education is another essential part of our training program. Our youth members will learn leadership skills that they will put into practice, not just in the Sea Scout program, but in every part of their lives. They will learn how better to interact with and manage groups, how to plan and prioritize when dealing with events and projects, and other tools that they will use to be successful in whatever direction their lives take them.

The Sea Scout Ship Defiance is a 40 ft trawler vessel exclusive for Sea Scout ship 243, and where they will start to put the skill they learn into practice. Defiance takes her name from a ship that was built in 1914 for the America’s cup by Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine. Our vessel is used to teach ship handling and operations, maritime safety, navigation, and many other related skills.

Sea Scouts is also a community driven service organization. They participate in beach clean-up efforts, food drives, flag ceremonies, and serve as honor guards.